In Finale for Mac, there is an issue that causes pages to not draw properly when beamed grace note figures are present; this leaves the page blank until you force it to redraw.


There are a handful of ways to work around this, but here are a couple of suggestions:


  • You can remove the grace note tuplet/beamed figure(s) from your score, and then replace them at the very end.
  • You can edit notes in Scroll View when this is occurring (View > Scroll View).
  • You can force a page to redraw as needed using View > Redraw Screen. This is easier done by using the keyboard shortcut COMMAND+D (⌘+D).


This issue will not affect printing or creating PDF files. This only affects what is seen on-screen within the program. This defect affects the display of scores, a core Finale function, and as such has been reported to development. To be updated when more information is available, click the Follow button at the bottom of this article.