What current products are compatible?

All of our current versions of Finale notation products are compatible with Windows 10 - that includes...

  • Finale v26
  • Finale v25
  • PrintMusic 2014

We would expect any of these products to work just fine on Windows 10. They are also eligible for technical support, so please feel free to contact Customer Success for any issues that may arise.


What about older products?

Finale notation products versioned 2012 and older are consider legacy products and not eligible for technical support. However, the following legacy products are also compatible with Windows 10...

  • Finale 2014.5
  • Finale 2012c
  • SongWriter 2012
  • NotePad 2012

Legacy products are no longer provided with maintenance updates. So, although these versions are compatible with Windows 10 now, this may change in the future due to changes made by Microsoft. 

While versions older than 2012 are not compatible with Windows 10, they may still run with general stability. Please keep in mind though that those products are incompatible and unforeseen issues may arise, especially as Microsoft continues to update and improve their operating system.

While these legacy versions are not eligible for technical support from our Customer Success team, we do have some additional resources for help with legacy versions of our notation products: Troubleshooting resources for legacy notation products (Finale 2012 and earlier).


What do I do if I have an version of Finale incompatible with my operating system?

If you are noting problems running an older version of Finale on Windows 10, please feel free to try the free trial of the latest version of Finale. You can try the free trial for 30-days. After 30 days, saving and printing will be disabled, but you can continue to test the program's functionality if you wish to do so.