Finale opens deauthorized when opening files (Windows)

An odd issue has been introduced with the Finale v25.3 update - for some Windows users, Finale will open deauthorized when launching the application by double-clicking on a Finale file (.mus or .musx), even after you have authorized the program. This issue can be preceded by a failure for Finale v25.3 to assert itself as the version of Finale that should open Finale files after installation.


When you authorize Finale for the first time - if you have opened Finale from a Finale file (.musx or .mus), rather than the desktop icon, and authorized the application, Finale will only recognize that it is authorized when launched from that drive. This could be an external hard drive, USB drive, your main C:\ drive, etc. 


If this issue has caused Finale to be authorized on anything but your main system drive and you wish to move that authorization, you can use the steps below to do so.

  1. Close Finale.
  2. Right-click the desktop icon for Finale and choose Properties.
  3. In the Finale Properties window, choose the Compatibility tab.
  4. In the Settings section, choose Run this program as an administrator.
  5. Click Apply; click OK.
  6. Launch Finale from a file on your external hard drive, USB drive, or other device on which Finale is authorized and you would like to move the authorization from.
  7. When the application opens, choose Help > Deauthorize Finale.
  8. Close Finale.
  9. Launch Finale from a file on your main hard drive (usually the C:\ drive).
  10. Authorize Finale.

Now, anytime you launch Finale from a file on your main hard drive the program will open authorized. If you launch Finale from a file on an external hard drive, USB drive, or any drive other than your main drive, Finale will open as deatuhorized. If you need to launch a file from and external hard drive, you can open the program from your desktop icon first and then use File > Open (CTRL+O) to edit that file.


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If this is still not working for you, don't worry - your authorization issues could be caused by some other factor. Please feel free to contact Customer Success for more information.


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Our developers have identified the underlying cause of this issue as described in the above article, and are investigating solutions. Since this issue affects the stability of authorization, it is certainly of a high priority. Please click the Follow button below to be updated when more information is available.


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    Lawson Dutton

    This problem only appears to occur when the Finale file you double-clicked to open the application is saved on a drive other than your computer's C:\ drive, so that could be anything not named C: (E:\ drive, D:\ drive, USB Flash Drive, etc.). If you don't want to use the workaround above (paragraph 3), you can try moving the Finale file to a location on your C:\ drive and opening it from there. Information added to paragraph 2 in main article.

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    Lawson Dutton

    This article has been updated with more information about the nature of this issue. In short, the problem occurs when a file is launched from a drive other than the drive upon which Finale was first authorized. Originally, this was believed to be any drive but the C:\ drive, but it is now apparent that this affects any drive (including the C:\ drive) upon which Finale was not initially authorized. The File > Open workaround still works to open files from other drives. Please see the article for more information and further clarification.