It has come to our attention that the default behavior for our "Home" or "Back To Beginning" button in Finale for Windows's playback controls encounters some redundancy in most workflows.


Right now, Finale's playback control behavior for the Home button depends on what Playback Region option is selected:

  • Always Start At (measure number): Not applicable, Finale will always start from the set measure number.
  • Leftmost measure: Returns to the leftmost measure.
  • Current counter setting: Returns to the current counter setting (not quite applicable here either).


This can be confusing since the majority of playback controls out in the wild will always take you back to the very beginning of your project. This issue has been reported to our development team, and efforts to improve the playback controls to meet an industry standard are planned; however, this is a long term project and will take some time.


For now, one workaround would be to click the End button first (to jump to the end of the score) and then use the Home button which will return you to the beginning. This necessitates an extra click; however, given the current limitations, it will get the job done.


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