In Finale v25.4.0 certain files can become corrupted after saving. This issue was resolved in Finale v25.4.1 This problem only affected a subset of Finale files. If you see one of the following errors when opening a file, you may be running into this issue.


If you see one of these errors when opening a file, please contact Customer Success for further assistance, and check out this article to update to the latest version of Finale. Windows users: you may also see an error prior to the one below that has the error code "-55". This is also a sign of the same issue.


If you are receiving an error message that indicates an "Error -2 EnigmaTemp," please see the article linked HERE


When contacting Customer Success, please be sure to attach the affected Finale file (.musx). These files are safe and can be recovered!




You can click the active status below for more information. Issue status is subject to movement both backward and forward; this is a natural part of the development process.


This issue has been resolved in a free maintenance update, Finale v25.4.1. Please check out this article for help on getting the latest version of Finale.