At this time, MakeMusic does not have any plans to release an iOS compatible Finale product. To view the software system requirements for any current or legacy notation programs, please see the following Knowledge Base article: Finale Notation Software System Requirements. 


However, if you did want to transfer editable notation between Finale and an existing iPadOS/iOS application, you can utilize Finale's MusicXML export. MusicXML is a universal file format designed for sharing any music notation data among multiple software platforms.


To see a list of iOS applications that recognize MusicXML files:

  1. Visit
  2. In the second search bar, type "iOS" without the quotation marks to filter the applications by operating system.


To export your Finale files to MusicXML, follow these steps: 

  1. Open your document in Finale
  2. Choose File > Export > MusicXML
  3. Save your document as an XML file to your desktop

*Note: this process will not alter, erase, or otherwise affect the current version of your document; this will create a new instance of the document