If any installed Garritan libraries playback normally and then fall silent after about 5 minutes, it's because at least one of the installed Garritan libraries on your device are not activated, which is by design. This can happen in the standalone ARIA / CFX Players, within a DAW, or within a notation program such as Finale. Confirming whether a library is activated is a simple matter of launching the standalone ARIA Player to see if it prompts you for an activation keycard.


You can open the standalone ARIA application by following these steps:


On Mac:

  1. Open a new Finder window
  2. Navigate to Applications\Garritan ARIA Player
  3. Double-click the ARIA Player.app to launch the standalone ARIA Player

On Windows: 

  • Double-click the ARIA Player icon on your desktop to launch the standalone ARIA Player

In the event you are prompted to activate your library, please see the steps in the following article to do so: 


Downloading, Installing & Activating Garritan Libraries


If you are still experiencing silent playback even after activating your library, or if you encounter any error messages when attempting to do so, please select Submit a request near the top of this page to contact MakeMusic Customer Support.