We are aware of a defect on OS 10.8 and 10.9 that can cause Finale to crash if the connection to the audio devices are lost. This can be caused by unplugging headphones, external sound cards, or other audio devices while Finale is running. It can also be caused if the computer goes to sleep (for instance, when you shut the lid of a Macbook) while Finale is open.

Crash logs from this defect will look similar to this:


Sleep/Wake UUID: 453D5295-907C-4D20-BCD6-D65B8DB68087
Crashed Thread:  XX  Dispatch queue: com.apple.audio.HALB_DispatchQueue.SerialQueue


Thread XX Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.audio.HALB_DispatchQueue.SerialQueue
0   ???                           0x796031f0 0 + 2036347376
1   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio     0x90593b8a HALPropertyListener::Call(unsigned long, unsigned long, AudioObjectPropertyAddress const*) + 724
2   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio     0x90591237 HALObject::PropertiesChanged(unsigned long, AudioObjectPropertyAddress const*) + 1569
3   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio     0x9058f29d HALDeviceList::DeviceChangeListener_Helper(unsigned long, unsigned long, AudioObjectPropertyAddress const*, void*) + 219
4   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio     0x9056504a __DeviceChangeListener_block_invoke_0 + 35


We have reported this issue to Apple, and are continuing to work with them to find a solution. Customers on 10.8 and later are encouraged to install the latest Finale 2014 update to minimize the chances of this crash. To update, launch Finale and choose Finale 2014 > Check for Updates.


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    Lo I Yin

    I have Finale 2014 on Mac 10.11.6.
    Finale crashes when I try to use the articulation tool by clicking on a note.