There are several possibilities if you aren't seeing the Submit button up near your assessment score after recording a take.
  1. Make sure you have logged in - students are not connected to assignments unless they have logged in after launching SmartMusic.
  2. Choose the assignment from under the Assignments dashboard. Some students will open the Method Book or "What we're playing" if the assignment name matches those other dashboards.
  3. Don't use the Prev and Next  buttons when working on method book assignments or exercises. This takes you away from assignments.
  4. If SmartMusic cannot find a microphone, you will be able to open an assignment but not submit it. Make sure your microphone is working before beginning work on assignments.
  5. Do not pause or click Stop take while doing an assignment - this invalidates the assignment. Wait for the piece to completely finish. Clicking Pause will also invalidate your attempt.
  6. Windows Vista's "Parental Controls" web content filter feature can interfere with the SmartMusic assignment process. Try disabling this feature before you launch and work with assignments. Windows 7 has this feature as well, but does not seem to interfere with SmartMusic. You will need to re-open the assignment and redo takes after disabling Parental Controls.