If you purchased a product from us, and you think there is a problem with delivery:


First try tracking the item on the website of the shipping company that is shipping your order. When MakeMusic ships any product, we send you an email with the tracking information for your order. This usually includes a unique tracking number from the company we are shipping your order with (we use several companies to ship our orders, including UPS and FedEx). If you use this tracking number on the shipper's website, they can usually provide the status of the order and its current activity (for example, In Transit, or Delivered). If the product has not been delivered, it will also give an estimated time of delivery.

If the package was delivered and you fear it has been stolen, please contact the shipping company directly to determine the circumstances of the delivery. Once this is done, if the package is found, it will be delivered to you, otherwise please contact MakeMusic Customer Success with the details of the delivery gone wrong.