We regularly check our assignment notification system to ensure that emails are being sent to students. If a student does not receive the notification when an assignment is scheduled, first make sure that Send Email Notification is checked on the assignment scheduling menu.

If this option is selected and a student still does not receive a notification, the email is being prevented from reaching the student's email inbox. This is generally caused by security on the email account misidentifying the email as spam. This can especially be the case if students are using a school email address. Most often the email can be found in the student's junk mail folder.

If the email is not located in the junk mail folder, or to ensure that future notifications are sent to the student's inbox, make sure that noreply@makemusic.com and donotreply@makemusic.com are added to their email account's safe list. If the student is using a school based email address, this change will need to be performed by the school's network administrator.