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This is an update to the program installed on your computer(s) and will require that SmartMusic is restarted. If you had previously turned off automatic updates you can get the latest version by clicking Help > Check for Updates.

  • Fix for audio device crash on Mac OS. We've addressed an issue where SmartMusic was crashing on launch with some unsupported audio devices.
  • Fix for SMPX accompaniments with pickup measures. We've improved playback of SMPX audio accompaniments containing pickup measures.



  • SMPX accompaniments with audio. SmartMusic can now open and play solo accompaniments created in Finale that include high-quality audio. This feature was added in Finale 2014.5 
  • Support for Macintosh® OSX El Capitan.



  • New default content - New installs come with more Choir, Exercises, Methods and Jazz content by default in My Library.
  • Fixed crash on Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8 - The crash when exporting recordings or submitting assignments on some Mac computers is not resolved.
  • Fixed defects - A rare issue where Windows users would experience an SSL Handshake Error has been resolved.



  • Choral content - A new Choir category has been added to Find Music and will appear in My Library when choral content is downloaded. While available to the public, the choral support is still in beta testing, and your feedback is welcome at:
  • Login update - The login page now appears when you launch SmartMusic. First-time users who have now set up an account can try SmartMusic sample content by clicking Skip to demo.
  • Performance improvements - Performance when navigating through Find Music or when creating assignments is faster and playback of submitted assignments has been improved on Windows.
  • Bug fixes - Tempo changes are no longer reset when setting a practice loop.



  • "Sticky Settings" - This refers to preferences you configure in SmartMusic. With the update installed, many settings will be retained when you switch between different titles within exercises or methods.These settings include Click, My Part, Accompaniment, Voice Countoff, Click: Accent Downbeats, Click: Play Subdivisions, and Countoff.
  • Usage Data - After installing the update you will be asked whether you want to submit anonymous usage data to MakeMusic. This data will be used to help improve future versions of SmartMusic; no personally-identifiable information is ever collected. Should you change your mind about sharing this data at any time, you can change this setting at HelpSetup. 



  • SmartMusic accompaniment files created in Finale 2014 (SMPX) are now compatible with SmartMusic.



  • Use the new class enrollment link located in your Class Roster to easily enroll students into your class. After the link is opened in a web browser, students can consecutively log in or create an account to directly enroll in your class.
  • Rubrics can now have up to 25 rows and the Lowest-Highest column value can also be flipped to Highest-Lowest.
  • Playback problems in Gradebook for some Windows computers has been fixed.


  • Student "takes" recorded while performing assignments with MP3 or Finale-created (SMP) files are now automatically kept until the assignment is submitted.
  • Time spent on an assignment by a student is again correctly recorded in Gradebook.
  • If you are using the latest version of SmartMusic, this update is applied automatically. If you do not wish to update at this time, feel free to turn off automatic updates. The previous version will continue to function without the features above. To turn off automatic updates:
    1. Open SmartMusic.
    2. From the Help menu, choose Check for Updates.
    3. Clear the Automatically download and apply updates check box.
    4. Click Close.



  • Assignments can be graded or changed before your students submit them, even after a grading period has finished. These assignments are removed from the students' assignment lists after they are manually graded.
  • While Pinning a Practice Room Subscription, a device name is generated to identify each device. The device name can be changed in SmartMusic by clicking on My Account.
  • Practice Room Devices are identified on the home screen, making it easier for students to identify which devices will give them access to the library.
  • Specific titles within collections properly display in Recently Played and Recommended Music.
  • now displays announcements and featured videos.
  • Assignment recordings play back properly in Firefox.
  • On Mac, assignments will play back in SmartMusic without needing to launch a web browser. (SmartMusic 2012c users will still have playback launch in their default web browser)
  • Pre-defined ensemble assignments now display the given assignment name.
  • SMP and MP3 assignments do not cause a crash when created using SmartMusic 2012c.
  • Sorting by Grade in Gradebook will order correctly.
  • Sorting has been fixed for Gradebook data and grade report exports.
  • The Group By Student option in the Assignment Inbox now works as expected.
  • Improvements to SmartMusic Home messaging and layout.
  • Several other fixes and optimizations to increase software stability.



  • A drop-down menu has been added to the Add Your School box, making it easier to find and add the appropriate school.
  • Automated Assignments can now be scheduled with skipped weeks and the calendar updates with the selected assignment dates.
  • Selecting View Gradebook after scheduling an assignment displays an up-to-date Gradebook, including the newly scheduled assignment(s).
  • Student assignments with 0 recording points now display correctly in exported Grade Reports.
  • Educators can now successfully remove student assignments with Practice Activity. 
  • Improvements have been made to the Sample Titles and New Releases carousels.
  • Improvements to Gradebook layout and navigation controls.
  • Continued performance optimizations and speed enhancements.



  • In Gradebook, the Grade column always displays an up-to-date grade.
  • Sight Reading and Sight Singing assignments now behave correctly for students.
  • Concert key and written key assignment controls are available in the new SmartMusic exercises.
  • Printed/Exported reports or data now display correct grades and class dates.
  • In Gradebook, clicking a student's name opens that student's record in the Class Roster.
  • Subscription renewal notifications in SmartMusic now correctly identify subscription end dates.
  • Educator's class and grading period selections are retained when navigating Gradebook, the Assignment Inbox, and the Class Roster.
  • Numerous performance optimizations and speed enhancements.



  • When creating an assignment, teachers will now be able to require a recording that does not need to be graded.
  • When reviewing the Gradebook grid, the assessment score will be displayed once an assignment is submitted along with an icon if a teacher has chosen to grade the recording.
  • Finale-created SMP assignments can once again be created to allow transposition.
  • Exporting a rubric will no longer cause cells to change position.
  • Assignments can now be submitted until 11:59pm on the due date.
  • Several issues with time zones and assignments have been resolved.
  • Students will now receive assignment notifications the day after an assignment becomes available.