With the close proximity of the iPad's internal microphone and speakers, we recommend the use of headphones without a built-in mic when using the SmartMusic app.


Some headphones come with built in microphones that will disable the iPad's internal microphone. Because SmartMusic on the iPad was developed specifically for use with the internal microphone we recommend using headphones without a microphone for the best assessment results.


Here are some additional guidelines for getting the best performance out of the SmartMusic iPad app:

  • Remove the iPad from any cases or covers.
  • Place the iPad on or where a music stand would normally be.
  • If you are seeing inaccurate assessment results, flip the iPad over. Certain iPad models place the microphone on the side and it's possible the microphone is being blocked by the bottom of the music stand. 
  • Ensure the correct instrument is selected from the drop-down menu at the top left corner of the title.
  • Under Settings on the iPad, choose SmartMusic and make sure the app is allowed access to the iPad mic.
  • Perform in a quiet environment.

It can also be helpful to consult your instructor for additional feedback on your performance.