SmartMusic practice reports are designed to keep track of time that students spend singing or playing their instrument. This means SmartMusic will only count the time spent during a take while the student is logged in.


Here are a few suggestions for students who believe that their practice time is not being tracked accurately:

  1. Make sure you are logged in and that your teacher has scheduled a practice report.
  2. Play confidently into your microphone so SmartMusic "hears" you and counts the take toward your practice time. Time spent practicing without a working microphone will not be counted.
  3. After practicing a piece, click Done to close the music, or click Submit if you are doing an assignment. Quitting the SmartMusic program will delay your practice time from being reported until your next practice session on that computer.
  4. Time spent in the Practice Tools (recording a take with the metronome or tuner) is not counted.
  5. Log in to your computer with an administrator account. When launching the program on Windows Vista and Windows 7, right-click the SmartMusic icon and choose Run as administrator.
  6. The Windows Vista Parental Controls web content filter feature can interfere with SmartMusic assignments. Try disabling this feature before you launch the program to work with assignments. After disabling Parental Controls, you will need to redo any takes that were not counted previously. Windows 7 Parental Controls do not seem to interfere with SmartMusic.

If your practice time is still not being counted after following these suggestions, please contact MakeMusic Customer Support for further assistance.