If recording or assessment starts out normal but gets farther and farther away from the notes as you are recording, you may be experiencing a delay called latency. There are many possible problems that introduce latency into SmartMusic recording and assessment. The first step is to check that your computer meets SmartMusic's system requirements.


Under Windows Vista and Windows 7, you might have sound enhancements enabled, which can contribute to latency during playback and recording. Assistance with disabling system-controlled audio enhancements is available from the Microsoft support website.


Many sound cards have their own unique control panels with sound enhancement settings. Disabling these settings (Karaoke, EAX, surround sound processing, etc.) may help solving these types of problems with SmartMusic. Your computer's manufacturer (Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, etc.) can provide assistance in locating and modifying these settings.


Another setting that can influence sync problems is sample rate. In your Sound control panel, look for this setting and make sure it's set to CD Quality or 44.1KHz. On many newer computers, this setting might be at DVD Quality or 48KHz. Since this setting isn't managed by the Windows operating system, you will need to refer to your computer manufacturer for assistance in changing this setting.