Follow the troubleshooting steps below to attempt to correct various minor performance problems with SmartMusic on iPad. If after following these steps you still experience issues, please reference our other support articles or contact SmartMusic Support.

  1. Open SmartMusic.
  2. Tap Profile in the upper right hard corner of the homepage. Your profile appears. Choose Log Out.
  3. Log in to your SmartMusic account by typing your username or email address and password in the respective fields to see if your issue has been resolved.
  1. Double-press the home button on your iPad. Recently used apps appear.
  2. Locate the SmartMusic preview in recently used apps list by swiping left and right. (If SmartMusic was the most recent active application, it will be first in the list).
  3. Swipe up on the SmartMusic preview from recently used apps.  It disappears and the application closes. 
  4. Press the home button once to exit recently used apps. 
  5. Tap on the SmartMusic icon on your home screen to reopen SmartMusic and see if your issue has been resolved.

**Deleting the SmartMusic app will remove saved takes and "My Library" files from your iPad. Library files can be accessed and downloaded again from "Find Music". Class and assignment data will not be affected.**

  1. Press and hold your finger on the SmartMusic application icon on your home screen. The application icons begin to shake and show an x in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap x in the upper left corner of the SmartMusic application icon to delete the application. This will prompt a confirmation message. Choose delete.
  3. Press the home button once. The application icons on the home screen return to normal.
  4. Tap on the App Store icon, type “smartmusic” in the search field in the upper right corner and tap Search.
  5. Tap the cloud/arrow icon next to the SmartMusic search result to download SmartMusic. If prompted, type your Apple ID password or use your touch ID fingerprint
  6. Press the home button once to exit the App Store. Locate the SmartMusic application, and wait for the download to finish
  7. From the home screen, tap on the SmartMusic icon to reopen SmartMusic and see if your issue has been resolved.