Opening Sibelius files in Finale require one of two file conversion choices.


The first file conversion possibility is the Standard MIDI File. While this file format will definitely work to get the basic notation into Finale, it will not import any formatting, text, lyrics, or any other musical expressions or articulations that were in the Sibelius score. However, this method does not require any special plug-ins in either Finale or Sibelius to be able to save or open MIDI files in either application.


The second file conversion choice is to use MusicXML. Unlike standard MIDI, MusicXML will be able to save a good deal of text, lyrics, music formatting, and other musical symbols. While this is not a 100% file conversion, it does bring over a much higher percentage of information compared to MIDI. While Finale and Sibelius 7 have support for Music XML Import/Export natively, previous versions of Sibelius required an additional plug-in to accomplish this.


In order to import Music XML files into Sibelius 6 or previous, users can download the Dolet 6 plug-in for Sibelius at no cost from the link below.


Finale is able to both import and export MusicXML. To open a MusicXML file go to the File menu, and click Import > MusicXML. Finale users can also download and install the Dolet 6 plug-in at no cost from the link above.