We are aware of an issue with Finale 2012 on Windows computers that can cause music from an earlier part of the score to play when playback is started from the middle of the piece. To avoid this issue, try changing the following Human Playback setting:

  1. Click on the speaker icon located on the right side of your Playback Controls.
  2. Click Playback/Record Options.
  3. In the Dynamics and markings drop down, select Use Current Settings.

This setting can be set individually for each of your files.


Please note that changing this setting will affect how Human Playback processes your score. When Use Current Settings is selected, Human Playback will process all markings starting from where playback is initiated, but not before. For example, if your score has a pizzicato marking on measure 25 and you start playback on measure 30, Finale will not playback with a pizzicato sound. If you start playback on measure 25, however, you will hear the pizzicato sound.


This problem has been fixed in Finale 2014.