Activating your Garritan library

Follow the steps below to activate your Garritan library from within the standalone ARIA Player:

  1. Log into your MakeMusic Account.
  2. Click the Generate Keycard link corresponding to your product. If you do not see your product listed, make sure your Garritan libraries is registered to your MakeMusic account. See the Registering your Garritan product section below.
  3. Save each keycard to your computer's desktop (clicking and dragging the keycard to your desktop will save a copy there).
  4. Launch the standalone ARIA Player or CFX Concert Grand Player
    • Mac: /Applications/Garritan ARIA Player/ARIA Player
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Garritan\ARIA Player\ARIA Player
  5. On an empty slot, click empty and choose import
  6. In the Please Select File dialog box, locate the keycard on your desktop and click Open.
  7. Repeat steps 4-5 for each Garritan product/keycard as necessary.

Your library should now be activated in the ARIA Player. If your library does not activate or you receive an error message, please contact Customer Success for further assistance.


Registering your Garritan product

If you've purchased your Garritan library from a dealer outside of MakeMusic, you will need to register your purchase with your MakeMusic account in order to download an installer and generate a keycard. You can register your Garritan library here.


If you have a product that pre-dates the MakeMusic Garritan libraries, you will need to contact Native Instruments's support team for further assistance. You can find a list of these products in the How about older, Kontakt-based Garritan libraries? section below.


How many times can I activate the library?

As of April 15th, 2014, a single user is allowed up to two activations on different computers at the same time for all current ARIA-based Garritan libraries. To activate, download your activation key card and library installer to the desired computer by logging in from your MakeMusic account. After the library is installed, launch the ARIA player and use the steps above to activate your Garritan library.


How about older, Kontakt-based Garritan libraries?

Older Garritan libraries that use the Kontakt Player allow for two installations and activations. This is done through the NI Service Center application that is installed with the library. For further information on activating Kontakt-based libraries, please contact Native Instruments. These libraries include:

  • Garritan Personal Orchestra 3 and earlier
  • Garritan Jazz and Big Band 2 and earlier
  • Garritan Concert and Marching Band 1
  • Garritan Stradivari
  • Garritan Gofriller