Note: This article pertains to changes to the Garritan Instruments for Finale installation that concern Mac users only. Finale will install the Garritan Instruments for Finale by default as part of its installer package. If you are having trouble with the Garritan Instruments for Finale library, check out this article to try reinstalling the Garritan Instruments for Finale library.


In the latest version of Finale, Version 25, the Garritan Instrument for Finale samples will install in the /Users/Shared directory, rather than the applications folder like it did in the past.


If you would like to remove the older Garritan Instruments for Finale samples, you can remove them (if they are in their previous default location), by deleting the "GIFF_Samples" folder in the "Garritan Instruments for Finale" in your Mac's Applications folder. Do not delete the "Garritan Instruments for Finale" folder or any of the other components besides the GIFF_Samples folder and its contents.


Your previous versions of Finale will be using the new samples installed to the /User/Shared directory, so deleting the old samples/components should not affect previous versions.


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