Finding Finale's user manual and other help resources (Version 25)

Starting with the release of Finale (Version 25) the user manual will be found entirely online. You can find the user manual using this link for Windows, or this link for Mac. You can also get there by choosing Help User Manual. If you would like to download a version of the user manual for offline access, please use either this "Finale v25 User Manual Download for Windows" link or this "Finale v25 User Manual Download for Mac" link depending on your operating system.


For additional help resources, please check out the Quick Reference Guide which contains details on the key aspects of Finale's functionality, or the Quick Reference Card which deals with the keyboard shortcuts useful for streamlining your workflow.


The Quick Reference Card can be downloaded from the attachment below and printed to be folded into a pamphlet form for your use. You can also download a PDF of the Quick Reference Guide below. The Quick Reference Guide can also be accessed from the Help menu within Finale.