In some cases, the Finale application will crash on launch after running the update to Finale v25.2 on the Mac operating system. We have narrowed down this issue to the FinaleScript plug-in. There are two ways to resolve the crash.


1. Log into your MakeMusic account here to download the full Finale (Version 25) installer and run it. It will be the latest (v25.2) installer and running it will fill in the gaps in the FinaleScript plug-in.


2. You can replace the FinaleScript plug-in with the correct plug-in bundle. Please follow the steps below to do so...



Replacing the FinaleScript plug-in

  1. Download the folder at the bottom of this article.
  2. Double-click the downloaded folder to decompress it. A new "FinaleScript" folder will appear in your Downloads folder
  3. Open a new Finder window by choosing File > New Finder Window.
  4. With the new Finder window open, choose Go > Go To Folder.
  5. In the field that appears type the directory below

/Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale

  1. Click Go
  2. Drag the FinaleScript folder out of the now open Finale folder to your Desktop. You may wish to rename that folder something like "FinaleScriptOld".
  3. Drag the the newly downloaded FinaleScript folder from your Downloads folder into the Finale folder.
  4. Launch Finale


If you are still running into a crash after completing the two options above, please contact MakeMusic's Customer Success team using the Submit a request link above.