In the Finale v26.1 release, the Convert menu item has been added to the File drop-down menu. This menu has two options: SmartMusic File... and SmartMusic Folder... With these options you can convert Classic SmartMusic .smpx or .smp files, individually or as an entire folder respectively, to the .smz file format.


The .smz (or SmartMusic Zip File) files can then be uploaded to the Compose feature within the New SmartMusic platform for editing and assignment creation. The original .mus or .musx Finale files that these documents were created from are not needed. A New SmartMusic Teacher subscription, however, is required for access to the Compose feature within New SmartMusic. 


For more detailed information on this feature, please see the links below.

SmartMusic File Converter for Mac

SmartMusic File Converter for Windows

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