All of MakeMusic's Garritan libraries have been updated for compatibility with the latest Apple macOS releases, up to and including macOS 11.x. We expect that all of the libraries will install and function normally and there are no known issues related to working in this environment. 


The changes in these updates provide compatibility for the installers and components for the ARIA Player and ARIA engine for these macOSes. There are no content or sample data updates provided in these changes. Users that already have their Garritan libraries installed and working as needed, do not need to take any actions concerning this. 


For more information about Apple's M1 systems, please click this link here


If you have any additional questions or encounter any difficulties related to this, please feel free to use the Submit a Case option above to reach out to our Customer Support team directly.




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    David Cusick

    Updated 3/08/2021