As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer be supporting the Windows 7 operating system. This means that the operating system will no longer be supplied with security updates and patches for issues that may arise affecting the functionality of the OS. 


Microsoft's own recommendations are to no longer use the operating system after this date. The options they offer are to: A) upgrade to a new computer that has Windows 10 installed or B) upgrade your computer's current OS to Windows 10. For more details on these and more info on Microsoft's plans, please follow the link here


Future releases of Finale will no longer be supported on Windows 7. This means that future Finale notation products that are released after v26.2 will no longer be optimized for this OS and technical support will not be offered when these products are used in this environment. 


Notation products that, at the time of their release, were listed as compatible with Windows and are currently supported, including Finale 26.2.1, v25.5 and PrintMusic 2014, will still be compatible in their current state. Support for these products on Windows 7 will still be offered but may be limited at the discretion of MakeMusic. Examples of this could be an issue directly related to the Windows 7 OS which cannot be repaired and also when using third-party products (either hardware or software) that are no longer supported by their manufacturer. If you are using third-party products with Finale, such as audio devices and software plug-ins, we recommend contacting these manufacturers directly about compatibility.