As of Finale v27.2 this issue has been resolved. 


There is a known issue that can occur that will cause erratic placement when moving certain elements in a document with a mouse or trackpad.


This can affect expressions, chord symbols and lyric syllables. The issue is seen when opening a document while a handle-based tool (like the Expression tool) is active.


There are two ways to work around the issue.


  1. Select the Simple Entry tool (or any other tool that does not use handles), then close and reopen the document.  
  2. Use the arrow keys to reposition the element.


We do understand the difficulty that issue can present and are working with Apple and in-house to resolve this quickly.




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    How do I get to a dynamic or 8va, or loco etc. with a tool without handles???

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    Please fix this ASAP. Thanks.

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    David Cusick

    Updated 11/9/2021