During playback, Finale uses Human Playback to interpret the expressions and articulations entered in a document to provide a more realistic experience. Human Playback relies on the code points for the glyphs used to create certain expressions and articulations.


When using SMuFL-based documents, the fonts used in these document have different code points than the legacy fonts for the same glyphs. Therefore, Human Playback currently cannot interpret these in Finale v27.0. This is an issue that we were aware of when releasing Finale v27.0 and we are currently working to update Human Playback to interpret SMuFL-based information in a document and plan to implement an update for this soon.


Please be aware that this issue does not affect Human Playback if the the expressions and articulations are created using MakeMusic legacy fonts (non-SMuFL based fonts).  To learn more about using legacy based documents in Finale v27.0, please read the article linked below.