Finale NotePad 2012 is a free entry-level notation software available for download from the Finale website. Download Finale NotePad 2012 here. Due to incompatibility with macOS, NotePad is currently only available for Windows. For more information, see PrintMusic/NotePad Sunset FAQ. Registration is not required to use NotePad, but if you choose not to, the application will prompt you to register every time you launch.


  1. Launch Finale NotePad 2012. The Register Finale NotePad dialog box appears.

  1. Select Register Now! The login page opens in a web browser. Type in your email and password.
  2. Log in and the Serial Number is listed under “Thank you for registering NotePad.”

  1. Copy the serial number displayed on the web page. Minimize the browser window and return to NotePad.
  2. In NotePad, choose Help > Register NotePad from the drop-down menu.
  3. Paste the serial number you copied from the web page into the in-app Registration Wizard and click Continue.


To access your serial number in the future, login to your MakeMusic account. The serial number appears under My Software.