We are aware of an authorization issue that can occur after installing Finale v27.2 and v27.3 on Mac under certain circumstances. The problem tends to occur when Finale v25 was previously installed and the user chose to remove Finale v25 during installation of Finale v27. When launching Finale v27 and attempting to authorize, the user may see an Authorization Wizard window containing three fields: First Name, Last Name, and Serial Number. After filling out these fields and clicking Next, the user incorrectly receives a message that says "Please fill out all required fields" as seen below.


Please fill out all required fields error message during authorization


This issue can be resolved by reinstalling Finale v27. Please refer to Uninstalling Finale and follow the instructions to uninstall Finale v27. Then download and reinstall Finale v27 (Downloading and installing Finale).


When authorizing Finale, the first Authorization Wizard window should contain four fields: Serial Number, Computer Name, E-mail, and Confirm E-mail. This is the correct Authorization Wizard window for Finale v27 and should allow the user to proceed as expected.


If the problem is not resolved after reinstalling Finale v27, please choose Submit a request above to contact Customer Support.