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I am at a total loss as to how to create this triplet within a triplet notation as seen in the snapshot attached. I tried for a long time first notating triplets with the 16th notes, and then applying the tuplet tool to it. But it only produces gobblygook.

For example it seems logical to choose 9 16ths in the space of 3 eight notes, (doesn't that seem logical???) but this only produces gobbly gook. Truly, the tuplet took is designed for mindreaders.
Thanks for any help!

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One way to do it:


1) Enter the three triplets of {3 sixteenths in the space of 2 sixteenths}.


2) Tuplet Tool (NB: the Tuplet Tool on the Main Tool Palette).

Double-click the first sixteenth note.

In the Tuplet Definition, set

3 Eighths in the space of 2 Eighths

Change the Placement to Above.

Click OK.

Now you have an outer eighth triplet above.

And the first beat is completed.


3) Selection Tool.

When you have completed the first beat, you can select it, and copy it to the remaining beats in the measure.


4) When you have completed the measure, you can use the Special Tools Tool to break the secondary beams.


5) When you have completed breaking the secondary beams, you can copy the measure to other measures.

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