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Dear Garritan Tech Support, 

I recently purchased (November 2022) Garritan CFX Lite Concert Grand Piano library and use it with Sibelius. I was able to set up the spectacular sounds using VST Plug-ins Folder and the ARIA player (I especially love the many ways you can toy around with the library's sounds, including Temperaments and Historical Tunings... just wow).

My issue is with using Sibelius' audio export function. The audio I export is always just empty sound (but no errors in the export). Is this a known issue? Can Sibelius actually export using the Garritan library? I'm attaching two images of the mixer here, as I think it could be a setting or a known issue. I've found a temporary work around in the meantime, described below.

1) When it plays back the score with the Garritan CFX (Note the master level *has* sound levels/green bars)


And then, when I export it, using the same setting, the levels *disappear* (both "Master" and "C. Lite" columns).

I've frustratingly toyed with this for hours to get it to work, but no luck. Can you help direct me to a solution or simply some guidance on whether I will be able to get this to work? The work around in the meantime is to use Audacity and record "Windows ASAPI" (ie. recording what is coming out of the speakers during playback), but this must take place in real time. Sibelius' export function, however, is many times faster. I don't think the audio quality recording into Audacity is any less. The solution is more a nuisance to have to record in real time until I find a solution.

I'm using Windows 11 Pro and Sibelius Ultimate (2020.12 version) and have a perpetual license, but of course, I can't even contact Sibelius since my support ran out in 2020. You'd have to purchase a one-year support plan (or a one-time ticket) just to get them to take your question...

Thanks Garritan for any guidance and what a great product! 






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