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Windows 10, Finale

I have been very slow to update my versions of Finale over the years, as I'm a "trailing edge" software user, LOL -- don't like having to reset all of my keyboard shortcuts or lose time adjusting to what often feel like arbitrary changes in basic software behavior.

I'm now running version, and a behavior has changed since my earlier versions that is driving me crazy.  I'm wondering if there's some setting I can change to return to the note-entry behavior I'd been accustomed to?

Specifically, when I use Simple Entry to enter notes, what I did for years was to select a very short "entry duration" just for entering notes (for example, a sixteenth note) and use it to mouse-click notes onto the staff.  Immediately after entering a sixteenth note -- and while it was highlighted (pink) to indicate that it was still "active" -- I'd immediately press the appropriate shortcut key to assign the duration I ACTUALLY wanted for the note.  And the pink note would dutifully change to reflect the new duration.

Similarly, I could use arrow keys to move through a measure, and when a particularly key was pink/active, I could press a shortcut key to change its duration.

This made Simple Entry very fast and easy, requiring an absolute minimum of hand movement and mouse positioning/clicking to enter notes and adjust durations.

Neither of these things works now.  I can still arrow through a measure and turn notes pink (make them active), but no amount of shortcut-pressing causes the pink note's duration to change.

Now, even if I have JUST entered a note, and it is still highlighted pink, my pressing a shortcut key in an attempt to change its duration to the one I desire does not work -- instead, this only changes the duration of the Simple Entry CURSOR, indicating that the new duration I've selected will affect only the NEXT note I enter.  The highlighted note I have just entered stubbornly refuses to change, unless I precisely position the Simply Entry cursor over it and click on it again.  (The positioning precision is necessary, because otherwise, I just inadvertently add a new note rather than changing the duration of the existing one.) 

This is maddening.  My inability now to easily and quickly change the duration of a just-entered (pink) note by pressing the appropriate keyboard shortcut key RIGHT AFTER ENTERING IT (while it is still pink) has massively slowed me down.  Similarly, my inability to change the duration of notes in Simple Entry by arrowing through the measure and pressing shortcut keys to change note duration is also slowing me down.

Is there any way (e.g., some hidden setting?) that will return the old Simple Entry behavior of letting me press a shortcut key and thereby change the note duration of a (pink) note I've just entered?  (Or the duration of a pink note I've just arrowed to?)


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1) From your description it sounds like you have never visited the sub-menus under the Simple menu.

As a test (not a solution!), instead of using the keyboard shortcut try the sub-menu:

Simple menu > Simple Edit Commands > Change Duration > …

If you can change the duration in this way, take a good look at the keyboard shortcut (displayed in the sub-menu).

Perhaps the displayed key combination is different from what you are used to.


2) You can customize all the Simple Entry keyboard shortcuts:

Simple menu > Simple Entry Options > Edit Keyboard Shortcuts…


3) You might consider trying other (faster) ways to enter notes.

Finale comes with a most helpful tutorial document for entering notes in Simple Entry:


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You say you press the shortcut key to assign the note its length. Which keys are you pressing? If you are using the standard duration keys on the number pad, make sure NUMLOCK has not been switched off. Also check to see the status of the CAPS LOCK key, which can also affect note entry in strange ways.

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Thanks to you both.  I was, for example, pressing "5" to try to assign a quarter-note duration to an entered note.  That was doing nothing.  Apparently, "5" has been default-assigned by Finale to mean "Tool> Note> Quarter."  I didn't realize this was a distinct entry from "Duration> Note> Quarter," but it apparently is (as the default keyboard shortcut for "duration" is apparently Alt + 5 rather than just 5).  I have reassigned the straight number keys to mean note durations, and the duration shortcuts are  now working as I'm used to.

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