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(First, PC details: Windows 10 home premium, 64bit, 16GB RAM, System Harddrive : SSD with 500 GB.

GPO5 supposed to work as VSt Instrument in Cakewalk Sonar Professional, and Sibelius 7.5)

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My question:
Installed GPO5 and get it heard on the Aria standalone.
When using a host software, things get confusing.
In Cakewalk's Sonar professional, I launch the new Aria Player, and there I can load tinstruments, and ensembles from GPO5.
I can try this also in Sibelius 7.5, but when trying to access GPO 5 directly through Sibelius mixer, I only find GPO 4 (which I had not deinstalled), and JABB 3. Taht is all ok, but I try to have access to GPO5 in Sibelius.
I had of course entered the new Aria VST.dll (which I had copied from the Cakewalk VSt-folder) in the corresponing folder for Sibelius.
But I recall having the VST.dll of the Garritan ensembles (JABB, and GPO4) in the VST folder in Sonar, but I cannot find the VST.dll for GPO5 anywhere. So I cannot paste it in the VSt-folder in Sibelius.
How can I find where the GPO5 VST.dll has gone to, please?

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Postby Derrek » Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:25 pm

The various Garritan libraries (perhaps excepting the new piano) all use the same Aria player. So long as you have authorized the player for the individual libaries, they will work via any driving program. SO you do not need separate VST's to run GPO5.

I do not use Sibelius. Does it have a command to scan for new VST's/libraries? Presumably you copied the 64-bit Aria dll into the appropriate Sibelius folder. Aside from that, you might do best to contact Avid/Sibelius support about this (especially since IIRC this forum will be archived/locked after today and no longer available for new posts).
My reply to this:

by GPO4User » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:30 am

Maybe this still works:
I checked for the latest Aria player after installing GPO5, it is a version something like 1.872, but after installing the downloaded file the Aria.exe still looks like 1.620 from Dec. 2013, although, when I open the desktop link, the Aria player is the new one. This I do not understand. -
In case this forum is locked, will I find my posts at the new place?
Thanks, and have a fine 2017


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