New post

With the New Year upon us, we're excited to share some changes and improvements we've made to the Help Center based on your feedback. 


  • The Help Center is now mobile friendly
  • Much of the Help Center's design has been revised 
  • Page load times have been improved



  • Posts now always sort by most recent activity (new posts or new comments on existing posts). 
  • A post's status now indicates its most recent activity. New posts will display the time they were created at and will have the 'Created' label, while new comments to existing posts will change the status to 'Updated' and reflect the time the reply was added.


User Profiles

  • User Profiles descriptions can now be edited on the User Profile page.
  • User Profiles are now visible to others by clicking on a user's name from a post or reply.
  • Users can now subscribe to other user's activities through their User Profile page.


As always, we'll continually work on the user experience for the Help Center and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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