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This idea mainly protains to student use, however also does serve a professional purpose. When constructing a 4 part harmony in such likes as classical diatonic theory, there should be a toggle that recognizes if the note that is being inserted creates perfect 5ths with any other of the voices in the given harmony. If the program does detect this issue then it will prompt the user with a prompt box and that says "Paralell 5th Warning" and an accompanying error sound.

This should not be a permanent feature and should be able to be toggled off and on in the preferences menu.

Windows 10 Finale Notepad 2012

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Hi Shawn:

Duly noted that you would like Finale to call attention to parallel motion in 5th and octaves. We used to have that functionality for a variety of reasons. Good luck on your composing and arranging.

Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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