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I have Finale.  Working on a PC.  I need to resize page to 6 3/4" z 10 1/2".  Also need to do a cover page in same size.  

Also... text that is saved is deleted each time I iopen up file.


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Hello Elaine,


As far as resizing your pages, there's a couple of ways to do that. What may work best for you is this:

1. Grab the Page Layout Tool and then go to the menu "Page Layout > Update Page Format For Score" and make sure that option is checked (sorry about the Mac Screen shots, I know you're on a PC, but it should be the same.)

2. Under that same menu, navigate to "Page Layout > Page Size..." and the Page Size box will appear.

3. Select "Octavo (6.75 x 10.5)", and the "All Pages" range should automatically be selected, but if it isn't, be sure to select that

4. Press "OK"

Now to achieve a cover page, it will also be done with Page Layout Tool

1. Select the Page Layout Tool and navigate to "Page Layout > Insert Blank Pages..."

2. Apply these settings:

3. Press "OK"

That should do the trick!

Though there could be a couple of things regarding your text not displaying, it'd be difficult to pin it down without posting a link to the file. But it could be worth trying to do this: Go to "Utilities > Update Layout (control + u)" as well as "View > Redraw Screen (control + d)". Beyond that, we would need to see the file.

Hope this helps!

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