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It seems that I cannot safely access any files that I have worked on recently.  I am writing a musical comprising 24 or more songs/instrumental numbers and when I open any of them they all become tagged with 'This PC Love Is Format 3' the latter being one song in the musical.  Once opened and saved every single file instead of being noted as 'This PC Desktop' plus whatever the title of the of the song is or 'This PC Documents Finale Files' they are attached to  'Love Is Format 3'.  Finale when I try to open the files tells me the files do not exist, but when I open the floppy disc icon I can see the files clearly listed but I cannot save them and after a while I think I might not even be able to open them.  Even when I go back to earlier versions of any file it is attached to 'Love Is Format 3.  Please can you tell me how this might be put right?

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Hi Lindsay,


This sounds like a fairly odd issue. To help clarify, could you take some screenshots of how those files appear both on the computer in their saved location and in Finale?

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