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It seems I have put two messages regarding the above topic-  for which apologise.  It also seems that things have changed a little since I last used your help centre.  I have been asked to send a screenshot, something I have done before, but I can't seem to find a way of doing it now. Please could you give me instructions?

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I find that (in Windows) using the ALT-PrtScrn key combination to copy the top window of a program into the Clipboard and then pasting that image into WIndows's free Paint utility program for highlighting and cropping to be the easiest way to create a screenshot. Once you get the image you can use the Image link button on this forum to attach it.



As a favor to others, could you change the Subject Line of your original post above to read "Linking an Image" to distinguish it from your original question and to guide others who need help with this issue?

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