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Not an issue -- just a suggestion for a new feature from someone who's used Finale since the 1990s. As I'm principally a choral composer, I have been looking at a product called EW Symphonic Choir -- an application that approximates sung words. I'm not very impressed with what I've heard from it, actually, and apparently it's quite difficult to work with. I would love to see Finale come up with something similar, but better. that would  allow me to hear the choir sing actual text.

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Hi Steve:


This is an interesting idea that has floated around for at least a decade. There are a few products on the market, but as you say, it is a difficult problem to solve. While I do see the appeal to such a feature, it isn't functionality that aligns with our initiatives and goals currently. Thank you for posting to this community and using Finale.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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