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 Windows 10 -- I have been told by tech support that there is no way to delete - not hide but literally delete -- staves in a region only.  Also, if I delete the barlines in a region the default rests are still there. I can hide them individually, but it would be nice if I could hide -- or better still delete -- all of them at once just as you can delete notes, rests, etc. in a whole region with "Clear all". I would like to see this feature added.


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Hi Ron:


Like Peter, I would like to better understand the scenario where you a staff deleted and the current staff attributes and staff styles do not solve the problem. Kudos to Peter for chiming in!


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation



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Ron Stilwell,


I am afraid I do not understand.


What is the problem you are trying to solve? … “delete - not hide but literally delete -- staves in a region only” …

You can use a staff style to hide a staff, either as Cutaway (leaving the empty space) or as Collapse (hiding the staff, and removing the empty space).

Why do those two options not solve your problem?


Similarly, if “Display Rests in Empty Measures” is selected in the Staff Attributes, you can hide the default whole measure rests {in a region only} with a staff style that de-selects “Display Rests in Empty Measures”.

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