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Certain barlines (like double BL) make a difference when creating mutliple rests in the parts - by default they break multiple rests. So far so good.

However, when I use a previous document as a template for a new one (same version, just like a week older or so), remnants of "funny" measure attributes remain in the empty template document. Only when you later create the parts, you find out that multiple rest suddenly either don't break or break in places where they shouldn't. This seems to be due to remnants of the old document's measure attributes.

Since you never know where or when this happens, in each part I have to go to the selected bar and check or uncheck "break multiple rests" manually. Tons of work sometimes - for no reason.

Even setting the emptied template document to all normal barlines does not delete the old information that messes up multiple rests. There should be a way to "retranscribe" all the actual barlines used in the document and set them back to their default values. This would put an end to the above problem.

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Hi Florian:


I can understand why that would be frustrating. In your steps, you don't mention generating parts in the new file or Edit/Multimeasure Rests/Create for Parts/Score... If you don't do one of those actions and then yes, I can confirm the behavior. I can understand why you wouldn't want to generate the parts in the new file, but Creating MM Rests in the new file should solve the problem.  Here are my steps in 25.5

  1. New Brass Trio
  2. Enter some music
  3. Enter some Double BL
  4. Generate parts and/or create MM rests
  5. Confirm MM rests are created
  6. Save a copy of the file
  7. Clear music from file
  8. Set all barlines to default
  9. File / New / Template..
  10. Use the empty file copy as the template source
  11. Create MM rests under the edit menu
  12. Cycle through linked parts and see all parts have 31 measure MM rest

Please let me know what I'm missing. I agree that MM rests are not as dynamic as some might want, but that was a design decision to prevent destructive behavior. Thank you for posting.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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