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First the request:

This is a big one to me, but perhaps not to others, depending on your workflow.

Long ago, the developers saw fit to remove the Cancel button from the 'Two Many Beats in a Measure' dialog. PLEASE, REINSTATE IT!!! This has been a long standing pet peeve of mine because without that Cancel button, the user must interact with the dialog. And often that dialog pops up because of a mistyped command like selecting the wrong note value in Speedy Entry. Life was so much better before that "imrprovment (NOT)" because one could simply type Command-. to exit the dialog. It was fast and barely interrupted the workflow.  Putting it back in cannot be that involved since it was there previously.  Think of how many dialogs do not have a Cancel button.  Not many at all.

The question involves why Finale almost always asks to save a file. In my teaching, I am constantly opening a file and just printing it for students. But every time I close the file, Finale asks to save changes. I didn't make any changes!! I only printed it.  Just close the damn file! What it the reasoning behind this behavior??

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Hi JD:


Thank you for posting to this community. Yes, many people have commented that the removal of the Cancel button in the "Too Many Beats" warning has disrupted their workflow. I can understand your frustration. Your comments have been added to FIN-3978, the story in our backlog on the topic.


As to the prompt to save, Finale will often do actions behind the scenes (Update Layout, Load AU/VST libraries, Apply Music Spacing) that will flag the file as dirty and trigger the prompt to save. It is annoying and something we're investigating. Your comments have been added to FIN-4752, the story in our backlog on the topic.


I hope this helps. Thank you again for posting your request and question.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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