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In creating  snare drum parts for the traditional marches I typically work with I find that the stem length that I put in with the speedy entry tool is a bit to short when I late add the roll symbol. I wish there was a way I could specify by stave that the stem lengths for that staff be 8 or 9 evpus longer when I enter them. I would like to see this be applied by layer. If I could specify at the outset that all stem lengths be longer in the snare drum part of a band score it would save a lot of tedious back and forth to lengthen the stem of each note that will have the roll symbol on it. I always use layer 1 for my snare drum parts but it would be best if the lengthening  of stems could be specified for a given layer of any staff without it affecting the other staves or the other layers in the staff in question. Time saver. It could be made part of the staff tool.


I use Windows 10 and Finale 25.5. Sometimes I use 25.0 on other machines.

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Hi Emmett:


Thank you for your post. It is a great request to automatically lengthen stems that have roll articulations placed on them. Your comments have been added to FIN-4735, the story in our backlog on the topic. 


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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