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While I generally prefer the "Keyless" and "Hide Key Signature and Show All Accidentals" options to Chromatic Transposition, the new way has a major flaw. The Enharmonic Spelling options stubbornly fail to recognize transposing staves. Thus there is no way, for example, directly to enter Gb in a horn part. No matter how adamantly you select "Favor Flats", Finale still shows F#. This is because the concert pitch is a white note, in this case B. Chromatic Transposition did not have this problem.

A few years ago I brought this issue to the attention of Customer Service. Astonishingly, I was told it wasn't a problem at all. That it was working the way it was supposed to. That's how you throw oil on a fire, and it shows once again that the developers of a product have never tried to actually use it. Jeff Bezos got where he is today by forcing his company (against heavy resistance) to eat its own dog food. I suggest you do the same.

Favor Sharps/Flats should take into account the transposition and Display Concert Pitch settings. It should always be based on the notes actually displayed in the current Speedy window.



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Hi Robert:


Finale's management of enharmonics have always been frustrating and fragile, in my opinion. I agree that the Keyless score preference exposes the problems further. Thank you for posting this design flaw. I've noted this bug as FIN-5591 in our backlog.


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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Bug FIN-5591 lives on as of Feb 2020, this is two years after this bug was reported above and acknowledged as being on the fix punch list (if that, in fact, is what MakeMusic's "backlog" is supposed to represent).


It's distressing to see an official "answer" and then no action to fix a reported and confirmed known issue after 730 days. It's got to be especially discouraging for the people who are working in good faith to develop third party solutions to help keep Finale viable in spite of the evidence, like Robert Patterson, above.


Sure. I will continue to bypass this feature which was so highly touted on its release and use Chromatic Transposition. But that said...


One has to wonder about the business decision to release new features that aren't fully vetted, but beyond that, something which is much, much worse, and a faith breaker for all Finale users, is not fixing bugs with said new features when they are reported after release. 


My two cents.

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