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Hi All,

I just installed the CFX piano. Both vst and stand alone version.

I have two shortcuts on my desktop. one for 64 bit, and one non.

It wasn't my intent to have a 32 bit version on my computer.

Did I inadvertently install both versions? Do I have double the samples?

If so, can I uninstall just the 32 bit version?


(sounds great, though!)



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Just keep it all there.  It's probably less than 1meg on your hard drive.  You'll get two different .exe files, and two different .dll plugin files.  Everything else is pretty much the same..................


Most of the ARIA engine, and all of the 'content/libraries/samples/sfz files/presets/etc.' is all identical (just one copy).  You just get a couple of different executables and dlls on the Windows Platform.  One for 32bit mode (Limited to using 4gig max of RAM), the other for 64bit (Can see way more RAM if needed).



64bit hosts need to be directed to the x64 dll binary.

32bit hosts need to be directed to the x32 dll binary.



On the Mac it's all built into one executable with a little toggle switch where you can choose to force 32bit mode if needed.

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Thanks, Brian.

i was afraid, when I saw the shortcut that there were two versions, and two sets of samples. 

Thanks for that clarification!

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