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If music font (e.g., Maestro) is specified for ending repeat markings (Document > Document Options > Fonts > Text > Ending Repeat) in order to provide time-signature-style numerals for volta brackets (see Gould p. 236) and Document > Document Options > Repeats > Add period after number is checked, then those periods appear misplaced because of conventional character baselines in music fonts.

Currently Finale does not provide an ability to correct this spacing.


  1. Uncheck Add period after number and provide period stop as text expression. This solution is not compatible with automatic music spacing: if the width of the bar is changed the spacing must be corrected manually.
  2. Forge custom font with modified glyphs (e.g. corrected baselines). This solution is more robust but requires some technical know-how and may be somewhat illegal: as a rule third-party font licenses disallow modifications of the font.


Provide Horizontal Offset and Vertical Offset options for periods in Document > Document Options > Repeats. Those settings would be enough for my particular issue, though more extensive customization options may be considered, such as modifying period character size, selecting glyph, or even font.


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Hi Pavel:


Duly noted. Yes, it is unfortunate that the maestro numbers are centered on the baseline. I think the recommendation of correcting the font solves this problem and many others. 


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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Thank for mentioning this, Pavel. It is yet another issue with first and second endings. Not only does Finale not provide the traditional font for the numbers as a default, but it is impossible to add the period after the number properly if Maestro numbers are used.  

My workaround is to simply add the numbers + period as one text expression. This means adjusting each number individually, not an ideal solution. 

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