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Windows 10/ Finale 25

Some time ago when asking Finale to save some edits that I had added to a file, for no reason that I could fathom Finale said that the file was unrecognised and could not be saved.  I clicked on the floppy disc icon and the file was clearly listed but instead of having 'My documents/this PC/Finale' or whatever, it had acquired an extra add on - 'Love Is Format 3'.  Whilst being a part of the same musical the add on is a separate song.  Then I noticed that loads of other Finale Files had the same problem.  There followed several attempts to edit the original file which I could work on when I clicked the floppy disc icon, but Finale 25 was still saying the file could not be recognised.

The same add-on was tagged on to any Finale file I opened.  I do not know how much trouble there might down the line if I don't get rid of the added on part.  Even if I open previous files in earlier versions they are all saved with the 'Love Is Format 3' addition.  I asked Norton to check for viruses after which the files that could only be seen when I clicked the floppy disc icon suddenly appeared in Finale 25 as well.  Can you suggest how I might rectify the situation and get rid of the added tag?


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