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I'm an experienced Vienna Ensemble Pro user and I have a simple question regarding how Finale works with 3rd party AUs (gaining access to multiport midi with the AU version of VEP in particular).

For ease and consistency I'd like to share my Digital Performer VEP template with Finale. However, I need to run several instances of VEP in one Finale project. DP uses the multiport MAS version of VEP. Finale obviously uses the singleport AU version.

Do I need to use the Event Input Plugin to gain access to more than one port of 16 midi channels, or does the Score Manager have some sort of equivalent to Sibelius' Sound Sets feature which allows it to access multi VEP instances?

Building a VEP template with a mixture of VSL libs, LASS and MIR is nearly impossible as I need way more than 16 midi channels for all of the key switching.

Thank you!



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I've only tried to use Finale as a host back in 2012 (the 32-bit days) and gave up quickly.  Since it's become a 64-bit application I haven't messed around with it lately, but from what I remember you can open up to 16 instances of Aria player (or any VST plugin) which has access to 16 channels each.


If it were me I would give up on Finale being a host all together, at least until it becomes a better solution to a DAW. What I've done is created a custom HP file to send program changes for different patches (pizz, arco, etc.) then have Finale set in midi mode.  I use Loopmidi to create virtual midi cables that I then link to a program called Transmidifier, which then interprets the data and sends it to Cubase, where I have all of my samples hosted. It sounds far more complicated than it actually is, but it gives me the option to use standard notation for composing, but also offering me all of the control and finesse of using professional grade samples right out of a DAW.


If you still want to go the host route that's where I would start first and see what happens.

Best of luck!

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Actually it was easy. I suspected that banks would be the answer.

I'm going to make a video about sharing a VEP template between Finale and my DAW on my YouTube channel. I'll post a link here when it's up for anyone that wants to do this.

Thanks to John Heyward for the response about using TransMIDIfier. It's a fine program that I've used in the past, and I may try it again as I try to find the "smoothest" way to turn Finale into Digital Performer's score editor.

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Hi Steven

You indicate you would post a VEP template with DP. Is there a link? I haven't found it yet.



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