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Could there be a way to split a staff system into two systems in Page view so that:

1) each of the resulting systems start with the staff spacing, lyric positioning baselines, and staff hiding choices of the original split system;

2) the current "insert a system" formatting problems are no longer issue (due to the resulting renumbering of staff systems after the split, the appearance of all staffs after the split is now altered because lyric baselines, staff positioning, staff system margins and spacing changes are all attached to the system's NUMBER - theses all need to get "pushed" down one staff system so that the appearance of each system stays the same


Fin2012 / v25

Windows 10


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Hi Jeremy:


In the Utilities menu you will find Move to Previous System and Move to Next System, which I find pretty handy when working in the layout phase.


TGTools has a plug-in called "Split Staff Systems" and Robert Patterson had a Plug-in "Copy System Layout" that you might also find handy.



Michael Johnson

VP, Professional Notation


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