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This is an often-requested feature in Finale - there is no way to reset custom line-by-line chord baseline adjustments. (There should be.)

Although Finale doesn't supply a method to remove all line-by-line baseline adjustments, there is a workaround I just tested, and it works.

Export the document you need to fix as xml.

Import the xml. The chord positioning will look as it did previously - 

but then, select all, and go to Utilities/Change/Chords and add some value (start with zero) to the Default Position. (this option is hidden in a dropdown in the middle of the Change Chord dialog box).

This does the trick. All the chord baselines will be reset to the baseline default you define.

MacOS Sierra, Finale 25.3


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Hi Jonathan:


Yes, it is an unfortunate design oversight that there is no factory reset button for chords, nor it is quick and easy for lyric baselines. This request was also made here. I've documented the request as FIN-4370 and do hope we can get to this soon.


Your work around is clever. You might also consider the JW Change Plug-in that allows you to adjust the chord positioning without round-tripping through MusicXML. 


Michael Johnson
VP, Professional Notation

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Glad it made it onto the radar, Michael! Thank you for posting. And, thank you to Finale for an application that makes it possible for me to continue to make a living as the world of gigging goes swirling down the tube.. :)

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Jonathan, you might be able to save yourself from losing all the information that XML export causes (titles, score and part formatting, and more).

Create a new staff in your score with the same instrument. Copy the contents of your old staff into the new staff. This should take care of all the baseline adjustments except for the leftmost arrow, which is document-wide. Then use JW Copy Part Layout to transfer the part formatting to the new part (if you have already formatted the part, that is!) Now delete the source staff from your score.

I generally will jump through any hoops necessary to avoid using MusicXML export to clean things up, because of all the information that gets lost in the process.

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